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I have a broad skill set rooted in the health industry with experience in management, operations, marketing, website development, content strategy, holistic therapies, and education. I set up my first business when I was 22 - just home from traveling and working my way through Australia. I had to learn fast on how to manage all aspects of a local business. It was a difficult but also very fulfilling time in my life!


A few years later, I needed some new challenges so left my home town to manage a corporate massage company in Dublin city. This was my first real introduction to the world of product development and website development. I was given the project lead on developing a new website and developing the brand and service. This is where my passion for graphical impact, content creation, and product development was born. I was so excited about taking something and making it not only visually beautiful but also finding the right words and structural layout to really bring the message across. I really felt that my experience of teaching helped me, to understand how people learn and take in information. 

Again needing new challenges I started working for an online yoga website. As a start-up company, I found I was never bored. From learning how to work Google Analytics to working directly with the website developers on innovation and defining the brand. I also worked on developing other key features of the site including the blog, programmes and more. Here I realized that I really enjoyed the creative process of developing a brand, of defining a voice.  

These days I enjoy working from my light and bright home office supporting a number of businesses in different ways. From business management to product development. I also enjoy the process of creating affordable, simple and beautiful Wix Websites. It combines all of my skills to help create an online presence for businesses. 


Heard, Seen & Found

Have a clear voice and message for your business. Define your product or service. Then shout about it and have a comprehensive, professional platform where people can find you and learn more about you!

Professional Websites

Website Creation

From concept & design to construction and going live. I can help you with creating a professional, clean and modern websites for your business using the Wix Platform. Why Wix? Wix has over 10 million users meaning their hosting has very little down time and they are constantly updating their features. In short, they are very reliable. 

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Business Services


Do you feel that you have very little time for development of your business, or that you would simply like more free time? 

I know what it can feel like when there is not enough hours in the day to do what you need to get done! Allow me to offer you support for your business. From administrative help, project management, operations and communications support, I have experience in almost every aspect of running a business. Let me help you! 


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Product Development


Product Reftresh

Do you have an existing product or service that needs a little more definition or a clearer voice or message? Let's collaborate and see if we can give your product a fresh face, voice and feel.

Product Innovation

Do you need to broaden your product or services? Or do you have an idea, but you need some more mind power to help define your voice, product/service? Sometimes having someone to bounce your ideas off of can help give it shape and power. 

I have worked for years with product and feature development and innovation and  it is my happy place! 

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What Others Say

Myrthe's knowledge of marketing and her design talent makes her an excellent product development partner to my business. She contributes to our creative process with full focus and insight and guards the customer experience. Working with Myrthe is pleasurable, productive, reliable and highly recommended.

Galitta Tassa - Happy Goddessa