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Hello! I'm Myrthe

I have a broad skill set rooted in the health industry with experience in management, operations, marketing, website development, content strategy, holistic therapies and education. My passion lies with helping to nourish mental, emotional and physical wellbeing . 
I offer a range of services for small to medium businesses within the health and wellness sector. My combined background of technical and practical application and experience in teaching has enabled me to develop skills that help translate what you do and who you are on an online platform in a comprehensive and user friendly way.


EkhartYoga, Weesp, The Netherlands  

Online Yoga: www.ekhartyoga.com


Community Management

  • Developed and implemented a social media strategy for Facebook, Google +, Twitter and Instagram. Streamlined internal communications and introduced help desk and social media management software.

Social Media Marketing

  • Facebook advertising including display advertising and boosted posts. Targeted audiences based on researched core market and geographical fields.

Content Strategy & Marketing

  • Using Google analytics, keyword research, social media trends, client feedback and generally keeping my finger on the ‘yoga pulse’, I developed a content plan designed to increase traffic and lead to conversions. The blog and online yoga programs boosted conversions significantly as a result. 

Content creation

  • Wrote content for the blog, for new features, new programs, marketing material and promotion as well as the FAQ section.


  • Worked with one of the founders and our website developers to explore and design innovative new features to increase customer engagement and satisfaction.


  • Managed the content, marketing and innovation schedule for EkhartYoga. Insured that projects were completed in a reasonable time frame. Coordinated with the team. 

UX research

  • Researched our in house UX as well as investigated competitors platforms. Conducted surveys etc. Adjusted our UX accordingly. 


  • Edited images from in house photographer. Created engagement graphics for Social Media and blog. 

Content Management System 

  • Was the main trainer in the CMS. Trained new staff in it’s use. Knew the CMS like the back of my hand and as I was present for all website updates from our website developers, stayed on top of new additions to the CMS. 


  • Worked on building partnerships with high authority sites and influencers, including organising cross promotions, affiliate programs with our teachers, advertising and guest posts. 


Freelancer in Ireland, Spain & The Netherlands


Concept & Content Strategy:

  • I worked with  businesses to help them develop their business concept and product. 

  • I assisted in the development of marketing & content strategies to help build their online presence.


Mindwell, Dublin, Ireland

Corporate Massage services: www.mindwell.ie



  • I co-managed this corporate massage company together with one other colleague.

  • My areas of responsibilities included management of staff, new clients (quotes, billing, scheduling of appointments and health days) and website upkeep and content.

Business Development:

  • I was responsible for attracting new clients and broadening our services. This included cold calling and email leads, demos, presentations, innovative new services and packages.  

  • I played a role in securing the renewal of a major contract with a major global company.

HR & Training:

  • With a team of over 20 therapists I made sure that they were of an exceptional standard before we hired them, providing extra training where necessary.


  • Because I like to maintain an overview on the practical aspects of our service I also worked as a therapist for Mindwell for 20% of my hours.


Hagal Holistic Health, Bantry, Ireland

ITEC College and Health Retreat


ITEC Lecturer:

  • On a part time basis I taught ITEC diploma courses (Anatomy & Physiology, Holistic Massage, Sports Massage, Professional Conduct & Business Awareness} to groups of Adults. Successfully creating notes, homework and assignments based on the ITEC curriculum. 

  • I also provided Certificate courses in chair massage and advanced massage. 

Acting Manager:

  • For a period of six months I was acting manager of the College and Health Retreat. I managed the hospitality aspect as well as the College including: Administrative duties, Marketing, Operations, and Business Development.


Anam Cara Day Spa, Bantry, Ireland


Co-owner of Anam Cara I ran the business together with my sister. We provided alternative and holistic treatment as well as offering luxurious day packages -an urban retreat.  

Tasks & achievements:

  • Business development

  • Creating innovative new treatment packages

  • Promotion & PR

  • Managing therapist schedule

  • Performing treatments

  • Development of a pain management clinic

  • Organising events and classes 

  • Accounts

  • Managing staff